The Art Of Trend Trading. Animal Spirits And Your Path To Profits

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Look inward for the missing piece to your trading strategy The Art of Trend Trading bucks the trend of technicality to show readers how instinct and strategy can unite to bring about consistent investment success

Everyone's looking for the ultimate system, a way to game the market and uncover the secret to successful investing

Follow the author's journey from homelessness to millionaire Identify and understand your own strengths and weaknesses Develop your instinct alongside your strategy Take a lesson from traders making consistent money There's no substitute for good strategy, but it's no secret that some strategies seem to be more profitable than others

Over the years, Parness has observed that the best traders those who consistently make money are the ones that use instinct and intuition, as well as strategy

Rather than diving ever-deeper into the overdone world of complicated modeling and forecasting techniques, trader, CEO, and bestselling author Michael Parness explains how making intuition a part of your investment strategy tends to result in more long-term profit

Readers will learn how this perspective lifted Parness from homelessness to making millions in both Bull and Bear markets, and will start developing their own market instinct as they refine and tune into their own natural intuition

The Art of Trend Trading helps you find that missing piece and turn it into more consistent investment success.

This book shows you how to identify the natural trader within, and use your gut to inform an ever-evolving investment plan

Using animal spirits as a metaphor and tool, Parness helps readers understand how their natural tendencies may run counter to their strategy, and how this dichotomy may be the shackle holding them back from true market success

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